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Street cleaning » Fly-tipping

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It can cause pollution to land and waterway and costs significant amounts of council tax payer’s money to clear away. It can…

MyAccount help » Help with report or request it on MyAccount

…enquiries • flytipping and street cleansing • recycling banks • park or play areas • grass cutting • lakes, ponds and ditches • highways • public rights of way We…

Parks and open spaces » Worlebury Camp Hillfort

…such as vandalism, tree and vegetation growth and flytipping. We’re working with volunteers of the Worlebury Hillfort Group and other local interest groups to raise awareness of the importance of…

Hedge and verge maintenance » Hedges and shrub beds

…responsibly. Dumping green waste on our land is fly tipping and will be investigated. If the vegetation is causing damage to property or is blocking access to a footpath, please…

MyAccount help » Help with MyAccount

…and amend your circumstances • reporting environmental problems such as graffiti or fly tipping • reporting a missed waste collection • requesting a new or replacement bin. What if I…

Our woodlands » About our woodlands

…woodland play areas are inspected weekly. Do it online Sign in to MyAccount to report: damaged play equipment fallen trees vegetation obstructing the public rights of way broken benches flytipping

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