Help with report or request it on MyAccount

Why are you asking us to use MyAccount?

Registering for MyAccount makes it easier for you to report and request services, saving you time and money. It also means you can contact us at any time of the day. Contacting us online saves us money which we can use to provide essential services to our residents.

You can now report or request a range of issues in North Somerset online through MyAccount, such as:

• missed recycling and waste collections
• exchanging, replacing or removing waste containers
• ordering a new waste container
• waste complaints and enquiries
• fly-tipping and street cleansing
• recycling banks
• park or play areas
• grass cutting
• lakes, ponds and ditches
• highways
• public rights of way

We will be adding more services to MyAccount soon.

If you need to report anything not currently on this list, use the do it online page.

I can’t see where to make my report

The reports for waste are on the main report or request it page. You’ll be able to report other issues such as fly-tipping and street cleansing by selecting ‘other reports’.


When should I not use report or request it?

We can only deal with issues on public land. If the issue is on private land you should only report it if it has the potential to cause a public health issue.

It should not to be used in emergency situations, where it is more appropriate to contact emergency services.