Help with Council Tax on MyAccount

Why are you asking us to use MyAccount?

Registering for MyAccount makes it easier for you to report and request services, saving you time and money. It also means you can contact us at any time of the day. Contacting us online saves us money which we can use to provide essential services to our residents.

I am new to the area and want to register for Council Tax on MyAccount

You will need to register for MyAccount and then select ‘move in, out or within North Somerset’ in the Council Tax section. Once we have completed the change you will receive a new bill. The next time you log into MyAccount you will be able to register your Council Tax account online and view your details whenever you want to.

I am moving to North Somerset from overseas. How do I let you know?

You will need to complete an online enquiry form to tell us your details.

contact us about Council Tax

I can’t find my Council Tax account reference number

Your Council Tax account reference number is shown on your Council Tax bill, or any other correspondence that you have received from us about your Council Tax. The number is 10 digits long, starting with a 5. If you are already paying by direct debit or standing order, you may be able to see your reference number on your bank statement.

I am trying to register my details but it says ‘we can’t find a match for the details you have provided’. What does this mean?

To register your Council Tax account online you must be one of the people named on the Council Tax bill. Check that you have entered the information on the registration screen exactly as it appears on your bill. If you have checked and are still having problems, please contact us and we will help you.

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Our council tax account is in more than one name. Can I register for MyAccount?

Yes. Each person named on the bill can register separately. On the Council Tax registration screen, enter just your own name exactly as it appears on the Council Tax bill.

I have created a MyAccount and want to register my existing Council Tax online. It is asking me for my last payment method. I’ve selected it but it’s saying it’s incorrect.

If you have made a payment within the last 24 hours, try to register the following day so that your payment will have had time to update on our system. It may be helpful to check your bank statement to see whether you pay by direct debit or standing order. If you still can’t register, contact us and we will investigate.

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If I register for Council Tax online will I still receive my paper Council Tax bills?

No, by signing up you will be registered for eBilling unless you choose to opt out.

What is in the account summary?

Total balance outstanding – this figure shows the total Council Tax you owe for the current year, plus any arrears outstanding.

Details of billing period – this will show you all current and previous year Council Tax charges and balances and how these have been calculated.

Details of property – this link will show:

  • the current band given to your property by the Valuation Office Agency
  • the date you have been liable to pay Council Tax from
  • a link to our webpage to see the Council Tax levels for each band. If you think that your property band is incorrect there is also a link to the Valuation Office website.