Rising coronavirus rates in over 60s

5:04pm - 19 November 2020

An increasing trend in Covid infections for over 60s in North Somerset has prompted calls to ‘look after each other’.

The latest reported figures show a sharp rise in cases in the older age group, which includes some of people most vulnerable to complications from the disease.

The risk of falling seriously ill due to coronavirus increases with age, and for those who have other underlying health conditions – which are also more likely in older people.

With infections continuing to climb across all age groups everyone is asked to take more care to keep those most at risk safe.

North Somerset Council’s Executive member for health, Cllr Mike Bell, said: “This virus is easy to catch, and it’s easy to pass on, so the best way we can protect our most vulnerable residents is to all take extra care and look after each other.

“Think about what you are doing and whether you can do more to be even more careful during this challenging time.”

Director of Public Health, Matt Lenny, added: “Anyone you mix with brings a risk into your household, which could be more serious if you live with elderly parents or grandparents. Follow the advice closely, avoid going into anyone else’s home and stay 2m away from those you do not live with.

“If you work with, or voluntarily support, older residents, be extra careful. Keep that all important 2m distance if you can, and check you’re using the right PPE and you are wearing it correctly.

“The virus can spread outdoors if you are too close to others, so keep space between yourself and anyone you do not live with. Keep your trips to essential shops or services to a minimum and think about others when you are out. Please wear a mask if you can and keep on washing your hands.

“We want to see this trend in over 60s infections reverse quickly, and we can by making sure we all take the risk seriously and do all we can to stop the virus from spreading.”

The network of volunteers who have helped residents across North Somerset throughout this pandemic is on hand for anyone who has no support from family or friends or who is socially isolated. Local group details can be found at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/together or call 01934 427 437.

There is a lag of up to six days in case data meaning the latest information is for 13 November, which shows the seven-day rate for North Somerset is 306.4 per 100,000, with 659 new confirmed cases. The comparable South West seven-day rate is 193.5 and England is 274.3.