Come on down to Theatre Tropicana!

May offers bank holidays, days out and trips to the seaside.  Why not give Theatre Tropicana at Weston-super-Mare a whirl?

Wednesday 24 May sees Rex the King, the story of a Somerset Darts champion by Wassail Theatre Company waltz into the bar.

A blind man walks into a bar and tells anyone who’ll listen that he was once the king of darts. He orders a pint and settles down to recount the story of his glorious rise to the top – and how dark secrets brought him down.

Rex The King ruled the world, but lost it all – it’s a theatrical tale that’s witty, uplifting and ludicrously tragic. Expect blood and sweat, tears and beers, not to mention plenty of songs and silliness.

The performance is at 8pm (90 minutes including interval), price £10, age 16+.

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 May brings a playful and unusual tale of fear, anxiety and the idiosyncratic in What if the Plane Falls Out of the Sky? by Idiot Child in association with Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

What if how I feel about the world and myself at 4am is the truth? What if the only reason the plane is able to stay in the sky is because I am thinking really encouraging thoughts about the wings? What if I take off all my clothes and my lover just politely turns away? What if I never stop itching? What if I get killed in an avalanche and most people are just slightly relieved that they now don’t have to read my novel?

Join the residents of Fear Camp as they tackle their sense of impending doom with gleeful enthusiasm and complimentary in-flight drinks. What if the Plane Falls Out of the Sky? is a tender, playful, and unusual story about feelings we all recognise.

The performances are at 8pm (75 minutes), price £10, age 16+.

Tuesday 30 May sees a one-man staging of Milton’s epic Paradise Lost and nothing like whatever came into your head when you read the first bit of this sentence.

Combining theatre, comedy and movement this is a journey through the story of the creation of everything condensed into 75 minutes.

A show which brings you the highlights of this well known but often forgotten story beginning with Lucifer’s rebellion and ending with Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the garden of Eden. A single man plays all the characters, creates all the scenes and, despite his best efforts, falls a little short of perfection.

This is a show for anyone who has created anything (child, garden, paper aeroplane) and then watched it spiral out of control.

Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) is at 7.30pm (75 minutes), price £10, age 14+.

Try a family day out for the school holidays on Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 1 June with an adventure for little ones: See The Pixies’ Scarf.  While out picking whortleberries with Grandmother, Dicky Bundle finds a treasure that opens the door to a beautiful, fragile world. It is the world of the Wee Folk. But the moor hears Dicky listening, and watches Dicky looking, and tells the pixies, who don’t want to share their precious secrets with a human child. Soon Dicky must strike a deal with the Queen of the Pixies, or lose the magical scarf forever.

With deliciously visual storytelling, Soap Soup combines beautiful puppetry, charmingly funny characters and magical music, offering audiences their most unforgettable adventure yet!

The Pixies’ Scarf performances are Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 1 June at 11am (50 minutes), price: £7/£25 family ticket for four, age 3+.

Theatre Tropicana a collaboration between North Somerset Council and Theatre Orchard.

Tickets can be booked at the Tobacco Factory Theatres box office, 0117 902 0344 or visit

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Advance tickets with 10% discount are also available from The Bay Café, Tropicana, Marine Parade, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 1BE.