#BOSSIT campaign to help residents explore potential

A new campaign, which aims to help people in the South and Central wards of Weston-super-Mare explore their talents and skills and consider a future career or business that they will love, is under way.

#BOSSIT is aimed at residents in the areas of Bournville, Coronation, Oldmixon, the Potteries and the town centre, who would like to earn money by making the most of what they are good at or who want to make each day different and enjoy what they do.

Through a series of short, lively, neighbourhood events, individuals can explore possibilities, hear from inspirational local business people, gain ideas and ask questions of a friendly and experienced business advisor, before deciding if they would like to take the next step.

The first #BOSSIT event will take place on Thursday 16 November from 10am to noon at the Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare.

The initiative is being backed by local people who have created their own success stories including renowned street artist JPS, Anna Southwell, owner of arts, music and community venue Loves Café, and Steve Mitchell, The School Chef, a well-known local musician, award-winning chef and soon-to-be-published author.

Spearheaded by three local organisations, North Somerset Enterprise Agency, Skills4Work and Westonworks, who specialise in information, advice and guidance on self-employment, employment, career change and improving skills, the #BOSSIT campaign is also being supported by a further 12 organisations.

It is funded by the NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund, which aims to help build better communities for everyone. This includes enabling people to develop in chosen areas and create or access the skills and opportunities they need to start or develop a new business.

As Angela Hicks, Chief Executive of North Somerset Enterprise Agency (NSEA) explains: “Many people may not realise that they have the skills, talents or entrepreneurial spirit which could work for them in a small business or future career.

“Whether you’re great with older people, children or animals, have a passion for cooking or gardening or are a talented hairdresser, car mechanic or artist, these and other skills and talents could be the foundation for your future, with the opportunity to earn from doing what you love.

“It doesn’t have to be complicated. Lots of people earn good money from their own small business.”

The partners are keen to dispel concerns people may have that they don’t know where to start or don’t have the know-how or abilities to run a business.

“#BOSSIT shows you how and if there are areas you need help with like planning ahead, writing, reading or budgeting or worrying aspects like keeping accounts or paying tax, then through #BOSSIT there’s free and friendly training and support to get you through.” explains Angela.

“What’s more, people can do this without necessarily affecting any existing income or benefits they are receiving. We’ll explain how.”

The #BOSSIT campaign can be found on Facebook, via the website www.nsea.biz/bossit or by calling 01934 418 118.