Food waste container

Food waste is collected from every household except flats or groups of properties that have communal recycling areas.

Households are given a small caddy for collecting food waste in the kitchen, and a larger container for putting it out for collection. Lock your caddy by pulling the handle forward to stop content spilling out.

Line your food waste container with plastic bags, newspaper, kitchen roll or compostable liners; but please don’t put any plastic wrapping or loose food inside. Lining your containers is more hygienic and helps crews empty them quicker.

Put these items in your food waste container:

  • cooked and raw food including bones
  • dairy products
  • vegetables and fruits including peelings*
  • egg shells*
  • pet food
  • paper towels and tissues*
  • tea bags and coffee grounds*

* These items can also be composted.

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Recycling food waste instead of putting it in your refuse reduces odours and creates extra space in your bin. Refuse costs £105 per tonne to treat and dispose of whereas food waste only costs £65, saving approximately £40 of council tax payers’ money for every tonne of food waste that is recycled.