About reducing and reusing waste

Residents of North Somerset have helped the council achieve a recycling rate of 60%, making it the highest performing unitary authority in the country.

However, about half the rubbish thrown into the black bins could still have been recycled.

Reducing the amount of waste you produce helps to save money and the environment.

The cost of waste disposal to landfill is £105 per tonne. Whereas waste reduction, reuse and recycling is free. By reducing or reusing your unwanted items it will save you and the council money.

Reuse at our recycling centres

We now have a reuse facility at our recycling centres. You can take good quality, reusable items to the centres where they will be reused locally.

If you’re not sure if your items are reusable or where to take reusable items at your local recycling centre please ask a member of staff.