Capacity 220 litres. 87cm high with a base diameter of 82cm and top diameter of 45cm.

Composting is cheap, easy to do and provides you with something that will benefit your garden.

It’s best to locate your compost bin on bare soil in a moderately sunny spot. Once your bin is in place it is time to start adding ingredients. For good compost you should add even quantities of ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ and stir the mixture regularly.

It can take up to a year for your compost to be ready – so be patient. When your compost is ready it will be dark brown, moist and crumbly, but it might not look the same as the compost you buy in the shops.

The key to composting is balance. Your bin needs air, moisture, shelter, warmth and food. If you maintain the right balance of these components your bin will thrive. Recycle Now provide lots of tips for how to compost effectively.

You can buy a 220 litre compost bin from us for only £15 to get started.

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