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Care home enablement

Care home enablement is a service to help people to prepare to live at home again. It provides an opportunity to gain confidence, and regain skills lost, while staying in care. Enablement gives time to recover and make a decision about longer term care.

We will work with you to set up a support plan. This plan will involve receiving care, support and therapy to enable you to return home as independently as possible. Staff will advise on the ideal setting for your enablement and will provide a list of care homes for you to choose from that will best meet your needs. When you have come to the end of your planned support your needs will re-assessed. This could mean:

  • returning home independently
  • returning home with support
  • continuing to stay in a care home setting
  • investigating further care

You will need to pay for, or make a contribution to, the care home cost for your stay.  Your care manager can discuss the fixed weekly charges with you. Any additional services you need to sustain your enablement will be free.

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