Personal and domestic care

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Domestic care

Domestic care can include:

  • changing or making beds
  • laundry
  • paying bills or getting money
  • preparing light meals or snacks
  • priority cleaning
  • shopping or daily tasks


Personal care

Personal care can include help with:

  • getting dressed and undressed
  • getting up and going to bed
  • going to the toilet and managing continence
  • emptying commodes
  • palliative and terminal care (working with community nurses)
  • prompting to take medication
  • skin and hair care
  • washing, bathing, showering, shaving, make-up

Home care assistants can help with these things if they have had training:

  • artificial feeding
  • catheter care – changing of bags, monitoring output
  • eye or ear drops
  • illeostomy and colostomy care – changing of bags

They can’t help with activities that need the skills and expertise of medical professionals including:

  • ear syringing
  • injections
  • programming of syringe drivers
  • removing or replacing urinary catheters
  • bowel evacuation
  • toenail and fingernail cutting and filing

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