Admission appeal process

If you have been refused a place at your preferred school we will explain why, and you will be given a guide on the appeal process.

The guide explains:

  • how the appeal will be conducted
  • the sort of information you may wish to present
  • who the members of an independent panel might be
  • how a decision is reached
  • the outcome of your appeal

If, after reading the guide, you would like to appeal you should complete the appeal statement form and send it back to us.

If the school you are appealing to is outside North Somerset, send your appeal letter to the council where the school is located.

Appeal hearings

Appeal hearings for reception intake, junior and secondary transfer are heard between May and July. Appeal hearings for people wanting to change their child’s school are heard about 28 days after an appeal is made.


We are required to publish an appeals timetable. This timetable only applies to North Somerset community schools, voluntary controlled schools and own admissions authority schools that trade with North Somerset Council democratic services.

school admissions team

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