Sites and policies development plan

The sites and policies plan contains detailed policies that complement our Core Strategy.

A first draft was produced in February 2013, but due to uncertainties over our strategic housing requirement, the sites and policies plan has been split into two parts.

Sites and policies plan part 2: site allocations plan

Following consultation on the publication version the site allocations plan was submitted to the planning inspectorate for examination on 24 February 2017.

You can view all of the submission and examination documents on the examination web page.

We are currently consulting on proposed modifications to the plan following the examination hearings.  Details of the consultation and how to respond are available on our consultation system.

Sites and policies plan part 1: development management policies

Part 1 of the plan, development management policies, has been taken forward in advance of part 2. It covers a range of development issues including development in the green belt, major transport schemes, conservation areas, extensions to dwellings, development in the countryside, retailing, accommodation for older people, minerals planning and design.

The publication version of the Sites and Policies Plan Part 1 underwent consultation in February 2015 and was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination in July 2015. The examination hearings were held on the 3 and 4 of November 2015 and the council received the Inspector’s final report on 26 April 2016.  The Inspector’s report found the plan sound subject to the inclusion of his recommended main modifications. The plan was adopted by full council on 19 July 2016.

The policies in the Sites and Policies Plan Part 1, along with the adopted Core Strategy policies supersede most of the policies in the Replacement Local Plan, and amend the policies map.  We have prepared a schedule setting out the current policy position.

Relevant policies in the plan supplement adopted policies in the Joint Waste Core Strategy for the West of England, and supersede all policies in the North Somerset Waste Local Plan.  Similarly, adoption of the plan now means that all policies relevant to North Somerset in the Mineral Working in Avon Local Plan are superseded.