About the new Local Plan 2036

We are preparing a new Local Plan which will provide detailed policies and additional housing, employment and other land allocations up to 2036. It will review and roll-forward policies and allocations in existing documents and plan for the amount of housing, jobs and infrastructure set out in the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). The JSP has been jointly prepared by North Somerset, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils. It was submitted for examination in April 2018 and hearings are expected to be held in 2019. You can keep up to date with the JSP here.

Local Plan 2036 issues and options consultation

Following on from the generating ideas consultation that we held last year, we have considered all of the responses and produced an issues and options consultation document. We are seeking your views on this between 3 September and 10 December 2018.

This is an early stage in the plan making process, and the purpose of the issues and options document is to identify challenges that need to be addressed. We would like to receive your feedback on the options we have identified. This is not a draft plan and the document does not contain detailed policies or site allocations. Once this consultation has closed we will take all of the responses into account and produce draft policies and identify sites. The next version of the plan is expected to be available for consultation summer/autumn 2019.

You can view and comment on the issues and options document online. We have also set up a discussion forum where you can find the answers to some questions we have been asked, and ask us questions if you want to.

Local Plan 2036 issues and options consultation

Consultation documents

Visit the consultation page to make your comments.

Evidence to support the plan

There are a number of documents and reports that have informed the preparation of the issues and options document. We refer to these documents as the evidence base. Other documents will be published and added to this page as we continue work on the plan.