Permissions needed

You can change a property in many ways. Use the interactive houses on the Planning Portal to find out what permission you need.

Roads and paths

If you want to carry out works that will affect aa road or path, you can avoid delays using the following advice.

Dropped kerbs for vehicle access

Planning permission is needed to make:

  • a new access to a trunk road or a classified road
  • access to an unclassified road when you are not doing works which are covered under permitted development
apply for a dropped kerb

Closing roads and temporary traffic management

If you want to close a road or introduce a temporary road restriction you must apply to us for permission.

Placing objects on a highway

You’ll need a licence if you want to place objects or structures on the highway, such as:

  • building materials
  • hoardings
  • mobile elevated work platforms
  • scaffolding
  • skips
  • a tower crane oversailing the highway

Section 50 Licence application (New Road and Street Works Act 1991)

If you want to carry out work to existing or install new equipment in a road that we look after, and you are not from a utility company (known as a ‘statutory undertaker’), you’ll need to apply to us for a Section 50 Licence (New Road and Street Works Act 1991).

Employ an agent or get our written advice.