How to apply

apply for planning permission on the Planning Portal website

Use the Planning Portal Help Centre to support you with completing your online application. You can use the help centre if you encounter a problem filling out an application or have a query with how to use the Planning Portal website. You can also call them on 0333 323 4589.

What an application needs

Before you send us your application make sure you know what plans, drawings and supporting documents you need to include.

A valid application will need:

  • a completed application form
  • ownership certificates
  • the correct fee
  • plans and drawings
  • supporting documents

Information and documents that you send with your application will normally be placed on our website for public inspection. This includes the name and address of the applicant and their agent together with their contact details. You should therefore consider very carefully what information about yourself and others you send to us. If you do not want information or documents that you want to send us to be shown on our website then you should contact us directly when you submit your application so that we can consider your request.

Essential advice


No copies are needed when you send us an application online. For large scale developments, where a number of A1 or A0 size plans are sent, you might be asked to send us a complete set of plans, drawings and supporting documents in paper format. If you send us an application by post or deliver by hand, always include two copies of the form and all supporting documents.

When you have sent us your application we will check it to make sure you have included all that is needed. Once checked we aim to contact you within five working days. Sometimes after an application has been registered more information is needed. When this happens we will tell you what you need to give us.

Major applications

When​ sending a major application​ send us one complete set of plans, drawings and supporting documents in paper format. Also send a full copy of the application in PDF format on three CDs. If an Environmental Statement is included give us this in PDF format on eight CDs.

Pre-submission validity check

We can check your application to make sure it is completed correctly and you have included all necessary information. This helps to register an application.

Planning conditions and legal agreements

We can provide copies of legal agreements, planning conditions, decision notices and ordnance survey maps.

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