Street names and numbers

As well as making sure properties can be easily identified, accurate address records help the emergency services find properties easily when they need to. We name and number new streets and properties as well as renaming existing properties. Royal Mail allocate postcodes to addresses.

Adding or changing a property name or allocating an address

To add or change a property name, or allocate an address or addresses, you need to send us a written request.

You need to send us:

  • any relevant planning permission reference numbers
  • a suggested house name or, for new developments, a street name. All names will be checked for suitability – for new street names we consult with the local town or parish council. We may need to advertise the road name(s) for 21 days
  • an invoice address (if paying the notification fee)
  • the date you need the new address by
  • a contact telephone number
  • written confirmation that you are the property owner

If you need to allocate addresses to new flats, you also need to send us:

  • plans which clearly identify each flat and its floor level – if the plans on the planning application contain this information we are happy to use them
  • information about whether each flat has its own letterbox or shares a letterbox – please provide this information for each flat

If your property already has a name you can change or remove it. If your property only has a number, you can add a property name as an alias but the number will remain as the primary address. A number cannot be removed.

It usually takes two to three weeks for us to add new addresses or change a house name, which do not require a new street name. The allocation of new street names can take longer.

street naming and property numbering enquiries
Street naming and property numbering, post point 16, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ

01275 888 761 or 01934 634 942

Charges explained

We will notify electoral services, the Council Tax team and the emergency services of the new or changed address(es) free of charge.

For the notification fee, we can also inform:

  • Royal Mail
  • Valuation Office
  • Western Power
  • Wessex Water
  • Bristol Water

When the documents for the new or changed address are complete, we can provide you with Royal Mail’s email or postal address so you can tell them yourself, free of charge, if you prefer.

You can find our street naming policy on the roads and places page.

Street name plates

We provide and maintain one street name plate at each end of a street, except for private streets. Street name plates are made from recycled material and damaged or faded plates are replaced as soon as possible.

To report a problem with a street name plate you will need to register and sign in to MyAccount.

sign in to report a missing or damaged street name plate