Street lights, illuminated signs and traffic lights

We inspect our street lighting columns every year. Any found to be unsafe will be replaced with aluminium columns with LED lights.

Aluminium columns are made form recycled materials and are estimated to last over 50 years. Maintenance costs are lower because we don’t have to paint the columns to protect them from the weather.

LED lights use less electricity and have a lifespan of about 20 years, making them much cheaper to maintain. They can also be dimmed during the night and give off a white light which offers better visibility.

report a broken street light or illuminated sign

If you’re reporting an emergency situation outside office hours please contact our CCTV team.

CCTV - out of hours

01934 622 669

Traffic lights

Call 0800 854 229 to report a problem with traffic lights 24 hours a day, not including temporary lights at roadworks.