Road and pavement repairs


There are over 1,100km of roads in this area.

Repairs are prioritised using national guidelines. The cost of maintaining a road over its lifetime is expensive and treatments that provide the best long-term value will be considered first. It is often cheaper to treat a road before it deteriorates to the point where complete replacement is necessary.

Sometimes it will look like a ‘good’ road is being treated when we are addressing structural problems beneath. These problems are identified by radar surveys and the work maintains the condition of the road.


There are over 600km of pavements in North Somerset. We repair:

  • broken, cracked or uneven slabs
  • uneven ironwork and potholes with a trip exceeding 2cm
  • depressions deeper than 2cm and less than 15cm across

Our contractors are responsible for making sure safe diversions are in place for traffic and pedestrians. We are not responsible for the repair of pavements on private streets.

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