Anyone over 14 years old, living in Weston-super-Mare (including Worle, Uphill, Kewstoke, Hutton, Locking, Banwell, Wick St Lawrence and St Georges) that does less than 30 minutes of sport or exercise a week can apply for Go4Free.

Participants can apply for a Go4Free card which offers five free and five half price entry visits to sports and exercise classes in Weston.

The activity card enables applicants to go to as many different exercise classes as they like. The first five classes they attend are free and the remaining five are half price (participants will not be charged more than £2.50 for half price classes).

The card is worth £37.50 and is valid for ten weeks. Replacements will not be issued.

The project is funded by Sport England and focusses on Weston-super-Mare due to high inactivity levels in the town, which was a key criteria of the grant funding. Go4Free launched in September 2014 and is funded until August 2017.

apply for a Go4Free card

Once five free entry visits have been used, participants must complete a short survey to activate the half price entry visits.

complete a survey to activate half price visits
sport and active lifestyles

01275 882 730


Finding activities

The Go4Life blog lists all sport and exercise classes that accept the card.

Extra support

We can give you advice about extra support, for physical activity, if you have a long-standing illness, disability or are infirm.