Become a supported lodgings host

Hosts provide a safe home and support for a young person who has recently left care. Length of stays vary and are aimed to help a young person become more independent by improving basic living skills.

Who can be a host

To be a host you must be aged 21 or over. It doesn’t matter if you work, have qualifications or experience, or if you own or rent a home. Your age, marital status, sexuality or cultural background also doesn’t affect an application.

You will need to be able to provide:

  • a comfortable room
  • a key to the house
  • at least one meal a day
  • use of communal rooms and facilities like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry

The person you will help

The young person who stays with you often won’t have any family to rely on. You are likely to be providing encouragement and emotional support. During a stay a young person will need to demonstrate a commitment to find employment, or further education, and agree to keep to your house rules.

How we can help you

You will be provided a support co-ordinator and be provided:

  • comprehensive support
  • free training
  • free membership to the Fostering Network
  • comprehensive insurance
  • financial assistance to cover rent, utilities and support for the young person

The young person will also be supported by a personal adviser.

supported lodgings

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