Houses in multiple occupation licence

There are two different house in multiple occupation licensing schemes. The national scheme, which is known as mandatory licensing, and the additional licensing scheme, which varies across the country. Both are operated in North Somerset.

You can find out what a house in multiple occupation is and what properties need a licence on the West of England Housing website.

Mandatory house in multiple occupation licensing scheme

You need this licence if your property:

  • is rented to five or more people
  • is at least three storeys high
  • tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities

You must have a house in multiple occupation licence before you set up a house.

apply for a house in multiple occupation licence on the Gov.UK website

Once we have received your application, we follow a formal consultation procedure to allow the applicant and other relevant parties to comment on the proposed conditions before the licence is formalised.

You may not set up a house in multiple occupation until the licence is granted, and this could take up to 12 weeks. If you haven’t heard from us within 12 weeks of making your application, contact us. If your application fails, contact us in the first instance.

Additional licensing scheme

We have introduced a scheme that requires all types of houses in multiple occupation to be licensed for part of central Weston-super-Mare because of the high number of complaints we receive about this area.

Find more information about the scheme and how it came about by reading our consultation from 2012.


Housing Act 2004

Last reviewed: Monday 15 February 2016