Health and safety responsibilities and inspections

Landlords have a duty of care to make sure their property and any products provided are safe.


An inspection will cover all of a property and its surrounding grounds. We will look at:

  • carpets, handrails, stairs and stairways for possible trips and fall hazards
  • chimneys, down spouts, gutters and roofs for possible falling objects
  • doors, entrances and fire escapes to make sure an escape route has no possible trips and fall hazards
  • driveways and paths for possible trips and fall hazards
  • electrical fuses, plug sockets and wiring to make sure they are the right size and safe to use
  • fire doors checking their seals and closers
  • gardens, garages, gates, fences, outhouses, walls and any tools provided
  • smoke alarms and fire equipment
  • upper floor windows for safety bars and catches


Heating should be available at all times in a rented property and must be under the tenant’s control. Landlords must provide a fixed heating appliance capable of maintaining a temperature of 21°c, with an outside temperature of -1°c, in each part of the property. Electrical appliances must have a dedicated socket. If you are unsure about whether you have sufficient heating or insulation contact us.

private rented housing

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