Developing affordable housing

Affordable housing are homes for sale, or rent, below the usual market price. Affordable housing is available to certain households depending on their circumstances.

We aim to deliver 30% affordable housing on all residential sites with five or more new homes being built. Our affordable housing plans and policies are all available in the priorities and strategies section.

Delivering affordable housing

We are part of the HomesWest partnership which will deliver new affordable homes between 2015-18 and beyond. Partners work to:

  • support increased delivery
  • take part in regional debate
  • develop housing and planning policy
  • develop best practice while meeting local affordable housing priorities

Community land trusts

Community land trusts are non-profit community-based organisations run by volunteers. They aim to develop housing and other assets, to be owned and controlled by the community and available at an affordable level.

You can find more information about community land trusts on the Wessex Community Assets website.

Self or custom build developments

We support self-build developments and haveĀ been asked by the government to research the demand for self-build in our district.

register an interest to build plots on the local self-build register website

If you are interested in building your own home there isĀ information on the Self-build Portal and National Custom and Self Build Association websites.

housing development

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