search for equipment and living aids

We can help with adaptations to make it easier for you to live in your home if you are disabled. This includes shower facilities, stair lifts and access ramps.

An occupational therapist will assess what changes need to be made to your home and tell you what solutions are available.

If major adaptations are needed, you can apply for a disabled facilities grant to pay for up to £30,000 of essential facilities. You will need to complete a means test.

If the cost of the works exceeds the grant limit or the applicant has a high assessed contribution towards the cost of the works, we may be able to offer you a low interest loan.

Contact us to apply.

Care Connect

01275 888 801

If the grant is for someone under 19 years old contact our disabled children’s team.

disabled children's service

01934 427 615

Help with moving

Sometimes adapting your property isn’t possible, or it may be better for you to move to a more suitable property. We may be able to help but you must be assessed for adaptations first.