Not paying your Council Tax

We will follow a statutory recovery process in line with Council Tax (administration and enforcement) Regulations when you don’t pay your Council Tax.

When you haven’t paid your Council Tax, and ignore reminders, we will issue a summons. If you do not pay the summons, including costs, we ask the magistrates’ court to grant a liability order. This enables us to recover the amount owed using recovery actions:

  • deductions from your benefits: Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or Pension Credit
  • deductions direct from your salary, or your employer
  • appointing enforcement agents to remove and sell your possessions (you will be liable to pay any additional fees)
  • making you bankrupt in the county court (you will be liable to pay any additional fees which can be substantial)
  • applying for a charging order at the county court so that we can force the sale of your home (you will be liable to pay any additional fees)
  • apply for a warrant of commitment to send you to prison for up to 90 days