When to appeal against a property band

You can appeal to have a property band reviewed if you are:

  • the person responsible for paying Council Tax
  • the owner or person entitled to live in the property
  • the person who would be responsible for paying Council Tax if the property was not exempt
  • the billing authority

You must start the appeal process within six months of moving into your property. If you do not appeal within six months, one of these conditions must apply for an appeal to be made:

  • the physical state of the local area has changed affecting the value of your property
  • part of your property has been demolished
  • alterations have been made to make your property suitable for use by a disabled person and its value has decreased
  • your property has been converted into flats or into a single property from flats
  • there is an increase or decrease in the part of your property used for business purposes

 Appeals cannot be based on the increasing or decreasing value of a property.