About public space protection orders

Sometimes referred to as PSPOs, these orders are designed to prevent individuals or groups of people behaving in a way that has (or is likely to have) a detrimental effect on other people’s quality of life in a locality, including persistent anti-social behaviour.

We have created our orders following consultation with the police, police and crime commissioner, and other organisations or groups with an interest in our public spaces.

We have set out a number of requirements and/or restrictions for our public spaces which target certain behaviours such as

  • dog fouling
  • littering
  • anti-social drinking

Our orders will be reviewed every three years to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply

We can issue a £75 fine to anyone who we believe has breached a PSPO. The fine will reduce to £50 if paid within 10 days. All fines must be paid within 14 days.

Payment of the fine will remove any liability to conviction for the offence.

If the fine is not paid, we can prosecute you which can lead to a maximum fine of £1,000.

Links with other legislation

All of our dog control orders have now been replaced with PSPOs.

All of our designated public protection orders related to alcohol consumption in public places have now been replaced with a much broader set of requirements within our area wide PSPO.