Keep safe at Christmas

Xmas 6. dontbeadickThe festive period is here and with it comes the Christmas shopping and an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. We’ve got five top tips to help you keep safe at Christmas while enjoying the festivities.

1. don’t let thieves enjoy Christmas at your expense

Criminals don’t take time off during the festive season so visit the Avon and Somerset Police website for some simple tips to ensure they don’t enjoy Christmas at your expense.

2. don’t get conned out of Christmas

Online shopping is extremely popular at this time of year. The Avon and Somerset Police website has some tips to keep you safe online this Christmas.

3. target drink and drug drivers

Avon and Somerset Police have launched their annual drink and drug driving campaign. Find out how you can help by visiting their website.

4. new gadget for Christmas? Make sure you protect it

If you received a new gadget for Christmas don’t forget to protect it. Find out how on the Avon and Somerset Police website.

5. don’t let alcohol ruin yours or anyone else’s fun

A hard-hitting campaign aimed at young drinkers in Weston-super-Mare has been re-launched in the run-up to Christmas.

The “Dick and Franny” campaign urges drinkers on a night out over the festive period to think about their behaviour and its possible consequences.

The campaign features two characters – Richard and Francesca – in a series of different situations, reflecting the most common problems people cause or encounter on a night out.

Posters have been distributed to pubs and clubs, fast food outlets, cashpoints, taxi offices and late night shops in Weston town centre.

This is being complemented by a targeted social media campaign featuring images and messages designed to have an impact even when someone has started to feel the effects of alcohol. Each of the images features the sign-off #dontbeadick or #dontbeafranny.

The campaign is one element in a programme of initiatives aimed at reducing alcohol-fuelled crime and disorder, and supporting a more diverse night-time economy in Weston.