How to register a birth or death

Registering a birth

Parents must register a birth within 42 days of their baby being born.

Births should be registered in the area where a baby is born. We will pass the information on to the relevant office for you.

When the natural parents are married to each other, either parent can register the birth.

If the parents are not married to each other and the father’s details are to be included on the birth certificate then both parents should visit us to register the birth. If this isn’t possible, one parent can register the birth by bringing what’s called a ‘statutory declaration’ that’s been signed by the other parent in front of a ‘notary public’, such as a solicitor. If you want to register a birth this way contact us for more advice and the declaration form.

Registering a death

When someone dies, the death must be registered within five days. A funeral can’t take place until the death has been registered.

If you’re registering a death from outside the district, information will be sent to the office in the area where the person died. That district will then issue the certificates. This is called registering by declaration and you should allow more time for the burial or cremation documents to reach you.

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The information provided about births, deaths and marriage is for guidance only and is not a full expression of the law.