How to claim

Only one application is needed to claim both Housing Benefit and Council Tax support. The first part of the process will tell you if you are entitled and how much you might receive. Your entitlement to benefit will usually start from the Monday after we receive your claim. We will write to let you know how much you have been awarded and how we have worked it out.

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Proof we need to see

We need to see proof of your and your household’s circumstances. You must also provide proof when your circumstances change so we can recalculate your Housing Benefit award and continue paying you.

We usually need to see these things (examples are in brackets):

  • proof of identity for you and your partner (driving licence or passport)
  • proof of national insurance number for you and your partner (national insurance card, P45, P60 or a pay slip)
  • proof of identity for all other household members (birth certificate, driving licence or passport)
  • proof of all income you, your partner and all household members receive (a Child Support Agency letter, pay slips or a letter about student finance)
  • proof of all benefits you, your partner and all household members receive (recent award letter)
  • proof of capital (investments, properties and savings) for you and your partner (two months’ bank statements for all accounts held or jointly held. This includes statements for inactive bank accounts)
  • proof of Child Benefit for all children in the household (recent Child Benefit award letter or recent bank statement showing Child Benefit payments)
  • proof of your agreement to pay rent (your tenancy agreement)

Please upload all supporting evidence.

upload evidence

We can ask for additional evidence if necessary.