Reasons for the Community Access Review

Libraries and children’s centres are two of our most highly rated services by residents and we are committed to continuing to deliver these services in our local communities.

This review is about ensuring we retain and, where we can, improve these services in our communities, rather than lose them as is happening in some other parts of the country.

Faced with continuing financial pressures and changing customer needs and demographics, we need to undertake regular service reviews to ensure value for money.

We are looking to keep services in local communities by co-locating them. As a result, at the end of this three-year programme some services will look different. There will be more co-located libraries and children’s centres and greater closer working with partners such as the police and health colleagues.

The review provides us with a great opportunity to improve customer access to services through self-service and increased opening hours and to co-ordinate services and maximise the use of our buildings for the benefit of families and communities.