Review of children’s centres and libraries

We are committed to running children’s centre and library services. While the aim is to keep some level of library or children’s centre offer in every community, this has to be affordable within our reduced budgets.

Having made £500,000 savings in operating costs in 2017/18, we now have to find further savings of £175,000 in children’s centres and £260,000 in the library service over the next two years.

In order to meet these targets we are proposing some changes to a few of our children’s centres and libraries.

Children’s centre proposals

The proposals affect four children’s centre sites. In summary, they are:

Banwell – close or review the premises arrangements, remove permanent staff from site, but continue to provide some services

Yatton – reduced service and outreach services to be provided

Long Ashton – remodel the centre in order to extend nursery provision, which is currently oversubscribed with a waiting list, and provide outreach services

Pill – reduced service and outreach services to be provided.

In putting forward these proposals we have taken into account how much the centres are used alongside what is available in neighbouring areas.

Consultation on the proposals ended on Monday 23 April. A report is due to be considered by the council’s Executive at its meeting on Tuesday 26 June.

Banwell Children’s Centre consultation

Yatton Children’s Centre consultation

Long Ashton Children’s Centre consultation

Pill Children’s Centre consultation

Library service proposals

The proposals include relocating one or both of the libraries in Clevedon and Nailsea to smaller town centre premises or alternative shared facilities and increasing the opening hours, either in partnership with other service providers or by installing a self-service system. Community consultation will include an option to temporarily reduce opening hours (in line with current usage) to make sure services are delivered within budget and to allow time to find a long-term affordable solution for libraries in these communities.

The lease on the library building in Long Ashton expired last year and the existing premises will have to close towards the end of this year. We are now working with Long Ashton Parish Council to consult local residents on what services they would like to see when the current library building closes. See our press release for more information including links to the consultations.

Equality Impact Assessments

Full Equality Impact Assessments have been undertaken for all of the library and children’s centre proposals.