Dynamic Purchasing System for transport services

We’re changing how we manage and procure passenger transport services by creating an integrated transport unit, making it easier and quicker to tender for new transport contract opportunities with us.

If you’re a transport service provider and are interested in providing contracted services to us, you’ll need to know about these changes.

We’re introducing a Dynamic Purchasing System (or DPS) for most passenger transport services.

Any organisation that wants to tender for contracted transport services with us will need to join the DPS and become an approved supplier.

The DPS will include the following lots:

  • lot 1: Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV) contracted transport, including an option to provide passenger assistants
  • lot 2: hackney/private hire contracted transport, including an option to provide passenger assistants
  • lot 3: public transport services
  • lot 4: community transport services

Suppliers will be invited to join as may lots as they wish, but they must meet certain criteria to be accepted onto the DPS.

Once the DPS is established, only approved suppliers within the relevant lots will be invited to tender for contracts.

All public transport, associated passenger transport and home to school transport services, including SEN transport, will be covered by the new DPS.

When does it start?

The DPS is now live on the Supplying the South West portal and the first round for submissions will be open until mid May. Approved suppliers will be confirmed in August. After September all new contract opportunities will be procured through the DPS.

Find out more

We held two supplier information events in February and March. You can download a copy of the presentation we gave and a summary of the questions and answers from the sessions.

Please contact us for more information.

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