Land drainage consent for an ordinary watercourse

You need this consent if you want to make alterations, place obstructions (in, over or under) or carry out work that will affect the flow of an ordinary watercourse.

An ordinary watercourse is any watercourse that does not form part of a main river. If the watercourse is part of the main river network you will need to apply for consent from the Environment Agency. If it is within the North Somerset Levels Internal Drainage Board area you will need to apply for consent from them.

Contact us if you have not heard from us after one month of sending in your application, or to discuss failed applications or any other issues.

It is a criminal offence to carry out works without obtaining land drainage consent. It is the responsibility of the landowner to make sure watercourses are maintained.


Section 23 of the Land Drainage Act (1991) as amended by the Flood and Water Management Act (2010)

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Last reviewed: Wednesday 29 June 2016