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Council tax

Council tax is a local property tax which we set to top up government funding for the services we provide.

To find out how much you have to pay download our council tax rates summary (pdf). You can also download our council tax guide (pdf) to find out what your council tax helps to pay for.

Visit our top tasks and frequently asked questions page to see what the majority of our customers are asking, and how to contact us if you have a query.

An online service

The payment of council tax forms part of our revenue and benefit service and  is now an online service only. You will need to register and open your own online  self-service account.  Setting up an account is easy, quick, and secure and provides 24-hour access to your information.

You can use your account to:

  •  view your council tax balance
  •  sign up for e-billing
  •  tell us about a change of address
  •  apply for a single-resident discount
  •  set up a direct debit
  •  apply for housing benefit
  •  inform us about a change of circumstances

Never lose or misplace your council tax bill again!

Now, you can also receive your council tax bill as an e-bill. You can view or print your bill at home or just have it safely stored for reference.

If you've just moved to North Somerset or have a question about setting up an account, visit our top tasks and FAQs page which has answers to many of the questions customers have asked. 


 The best way to pay your bill is by Direct Debit and over 70% of residents choose to pay by this method. You can also use our online payment system to pay for:

  • business rates
  • council tax
  • housing benefit overpayments
  • invoices

The minimum browser requirements for online payments are: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0; Google Chrome® v12.0742.122; Mozilla Firefox® v6.0.2; Apple Safari® v5.1.2; Opera® v11.50 (build 1074). The payment system is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10.

If you are making a payment online, you will need to make your payment at least three working days prior to the date your payment should be received. If payment is made after this time, it may not be credited to your account and you may receive a reminder or possibly incur charges if your account is sent to an enforcement agent for collection. If you are making a payment at the post office it will need to be made at least five working days before the due date.

For more information about the best way to pay your bill read our council tax payment FAQs.

We hold sessions across the district if you need to see someone with a question about council tax, housing benefit or council tax support. Download our help with council tax or housing benefit (pdf) to find out how to make an appointment and where the venues are.

Reductions and discounts

In certain circumstances you may be entitled to a reduction of your bill, for more information read our council tax relief FAQs.

Single person's discount review

We are reviewing all households in North Somerset claiming a single person’s discount of 25 per cent on their council tax bill. If you've received a letter regarding your entitlement to a 25 per cent discount, please complete our single person discount review form, where you can enter your letter reference number, letter pass code and your property postcode to sign in and confirm your circumstances.

Non-payment and arrears

If you don't pay your council tax, we could begin legal proceedings which could lead to a fine or even imprisonments. If you are struggling to pay your bill you should contact us immediately so that we can help. For more information read our non-payment and arrears FAQs.


If you don't agree with certain aspects of your council tax bill, you can appeal. For more information read our:


We fully investigate any suspected fraud. You can report fraud anonymously if you wish, and anything you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence and your identity will always be kept safe. Report a suspected fraud.

Debt advice

If you are in debt you should seek advice as soon as you can. All debts are important but some are more pressing than others and can carry severe penalties. Not paying debts such as your mortgage can lead to the repossession of your home and eviction while not paying council tax or court fines can lead to imprisonment. The earlier you contact your creditors the more flexible they are likely to be in coming to an agreement with you.

For help and advice visit the: