Weston Package

Weston Package is a £15m investment scheme of transport improvements to benefit car and motorcycle drivers, bus passengers, cyclists and pedestrians in Weston-super-Mare and Worle.

The five projects which make up the scheme are improving the flow of traffic around the town, reducing congestion and making it easier for people to use public transport.

For more information see our overview map of Weston Package (pdf) and our Weston Package leaflet (pdf).

You can also visit our Weston Package FAQs page and use our interactive map.

Latest news

  • Construction crews motored ahead with the Weston Package improvements with most of the 12 month programme completed in nine. The scheme was officially opened by Sajid Javid MP, nearly two months ahead of schedule.  See our press release for more information.
  • The new, upgraded traffic lights at junction 21 were switched on at the start of Feburary. Read our press release for more information. The lights on the St Georges slip road and the A370 dual carriageway heading out of Weston are also now operational. The intelligent lights learn the traffic patterns and change their timings based on how the junction is flowing.
  • A dedicated left turn lane from the A370 dual carriageway out of Weston onto the M5 northbound slip road has improved traffic flow heading north onto the motorway.
  • The new road layout at Marchfields Way came into force in December. Winterstoke Road became two-way for local traffic only and the new stretch of dual carriageway opened, becoming the main route out of Weston. To see the changes download our Marchfields Way new layout map (pdf).
  • Traffic lights at Winterstoke Road Roundabout were switched back on in October after an upgrade. The signal timings will continue to be tweaked to get the roundabout runnin in the best possible way.

For information about the programme you can read the latest edition of our Weston Package Newsletter (pdf).

Road closures

There will be some further road closures required around Junction 21 to allow the contractor, Costain, to undertake some remedial works. It is anticipated that these works will take place during late July and early August. We will publish the dates here as soon as they are finalised. The type of work we are doing is very complicated and unpredictable weather means the plans can be changed, sometimes at the last minute. It is important to check this web page regularly for the latest information.

Legally we have to publish Temporary Traffic Orders to close roads. You can download a copy of our Junction 21 closure notice (pdf) for 2014 and the diversion routes (pdf) referred to in the notice.

M5 junction 21

The scheme at junction 21 was jointly funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) and North Somerset Council in order to reduce queuing on the sliproads off the motorway, to help traffic get into Weston, and to reduce peak time queuing going out of town on the A370 Somerset Avenue dual carriageway.

Works that took place:

  • Third lane on sliproad from M5 southbound up to the roundabout
  • Third lane on A370 from Bristol where it joins the roundabout
  • Traffic lights where traffic on the A370 from Bristol joins the roundabout
  • Road widening and extra lanes at some points of the roundabout
  • Traffic lights on the sliproad from M5 northbound to control traffic coming onto the roundabout
  • Third lane from the junction 21 roundabout to the Worle sliproad
  • Second lane on the B3440 Bristol Road, the sliproad from Worle and St Georges, joining the dual carriageway heading out of town
  • Traffic lights at the merging of B3440 Bristol Road, the sliproad from Worle and St Georges, and A370 dual carriageway going out of town
  • Dedicated left hand lane from A370 dual carriageway going out of town on to M5 northbound sliproad
  • Second lane on sliproad to join M5 northbound.

The new traffic signals use advanced technology to monitor traffic flow around the junction, and adjust light phases accordingly. This has reduced overall journey times, and maximises capacity around the junction.

View our before and after videos to see what junction 21 will look like.

You can also see detailed drawings of the junction 21 outbound scheme:

Marchfields Way and Winterstoke Road

The work at Marchfields Way has allowed the natural continuation of the dual carriageway between the town centre and junction 21 by dualling the road.

Works that took place:

  • Conversion of Winterstoke Road to two-way traffic, with access to retail parks and supermarkets only
  • New access arrangements between Searle Crescent and Winterstoke Road
  • Winterstoke roundabout junctions remodelled to allow two-way traffic on Winterstoke Road and Marchfields Way
  • Additional two lane carriageway on Marchfields Way to create dual carriageway and allow two-way traffic
  • New traffic light controlled junction for Weston Retail Park to create left turn exit from car park onto Marchfields Way and new pedestrian crossing
  • New pedestrian crossing close to Hans Price Academy
  • New roundabout where Marchfields Way and Winterstoke Road meet
  • New pedestrian crossing on the town-side of the new roundabout
  • New bus lane between new roundabout and Drove Road roundabout.

You can view a detailed drawing of Marchfields Way and Drove Road (pdf).

Worle Parkway

The work at Worle Parkway has improved public transport links and created more cycle facilities.

Works that took place:

  • Altered entry arrangements to existing car park to allow buses to enter and stop close to platform
  • Creation of new car park to the south of the station, with access from Diamond Batch, with parking for more than 300 additional cars, 48 bikes under cover and 16 motorbikes
  • Bus interchange, with bus stops and shelters, inside the car park.

You can view a detailed drawing of Worle Parkway (pdf).

Elmham Way (near Morrisons)

The work at Elmham Way links the new housing areas by giving buses priority along the road.

Works that took place:

  • New pedestrian crossing on Summer Lane
  • Junction for the shopping estate that includes Morrisons and Boots rearranged to provide bus lane
  • Bus lane added giving priority to buses travelling towards West Wick.

You can view detailed drawings of the Elmham Way works: Elmham Way - bus route to Worle Station - map 1 (pdf) and Elmham Way - bus route to Worle Station - map 2 (pdf).

Queensway (near Worle McDonalds)

The work at the layby in Queensway has developed bus links with Worle Parkway.

Works that took place:

  • Rearrange public art to allow space for extra bus stops and shelters
  • Re-open old access between Commercial Way and Queensway for buses only
  • Install automatic bollard system and bus gate to allow only buses through.

You can view a detailed drawing of Queensway - bus route to Worle Station (pdf).

For more information about each of the scheme elements, visit our Weston Package FAQs page.