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Sport, active lifestyles and Go4Life

We can help you become fitter and healthier and feel better about yourself.



Active directory

Our Go4Life active directory provides information on a wide range of physical activities to cater for the beginner, those returning to exercise and those who want to try something different in a fun and social environment. Download our active directory (pdf) and use our interactive map to find venues that provide physical activities.

Getting active

There are many ways you can get active and you don't have to completely change your lifestyle. You can even get more active at work! Find out about healthy lifestyles and getting active.


Go4Life is a North Somerset scheme to encourage and support people to live healthier and more active lives. To join the scheme download and complete our Go4Life membership form (pdf) and get lots of ideas for a happier, healthier future for you and your family!

Health walks

Our health walks and one mile walks offer you an idea way to get fitter in a friendly and supportive environment. There are a number of groups operating in the area. Find out more about health walks.

Healthy eating

Eating well can lead to higher energy levels, a healthy body weight, improved sleep, better concentration and protect you from illness. Find out about healthy eating.

Inclusive projects

We co-ordinate a variety of programmes to encourage different sectors of the community and those at higher risk of poor health to get more active more often. Find out about the opportunities for inclusive projects.

Move More Monthly newsletter

Our Move More Monthly newsletter tells you what is happening on your doorstep - from health walks to belly dancing, there are plenty of opportunities to get more active. View our Move More Monthly newsletter page.


Information for partners of the Go4Life brand, including the Go4Life principle; branding toolkit; how to get involved; Change4Life; the chequebook scheme; useful links; West of England sport Trust. View information for partner organisations.


We aim to encourage and help everyone in North Somerset to live healthier and more active lives by providing and creating opportunities for the community to get and stay active. Find out more about sport opportunities.

Workforce development

We aim to make sure there are enough appropriately qualified coaches, instructors and volunteers to meet the needs of the community and offer people the chance to take part in a number of different leisure education courses. Find out more about coaching courses.

For more information contact our sport and active lifestyles team.