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Recycling centres FAQs

These are some frequently asked question about our recycling centres.

Where is my nearest recycling centre?

Our recycling centres are at Backwell, Portishead and Weston-super-Mare. Use our interactive map to see all recycling sites.

What are the facilities at each centre?

Click on the icon for each recycling facility on our interactive map to find out what you can recycle at each facility.

When are the recycling centres open?

Site Summer (1 April-30 September) Winter (1 October-31 March)
Monday to Friday​ Saturday​ Sunday​ Monday to Friday​ Saturday​ Sunday​​
Backwell 8am-6pm 8am-4.30pm 9am-4pm 8am-4.30pm 8am-4.30pm 9am-4pm
Site ​Summer (1 March-30 September)​​ ​Winter (1 October-28 February)
Monday to Friday Saturday​ Sunday​ Monday to Friday​ Saturday​ Sunday​
Portishead 8am-6pm 8am-6pm 8am-6pm 8am-4.30pm 8am-4.30pm 8am-4.30pm
Weston-super-Mare 8am-6pm 8am-6pm 8am-6pm 8am-4.30pm 8am-4.30pm 8am-4.30pm
  • Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day - all centres are closed.
  • Bank holidays - Weston-super-Mare and Portishead are open 8am - 4.30pm. Backwell is closed.

Do you accept commercial waste at recycling centres?

No, we only accept household waste and recycling.

Can I take my waste/recycling to a centre in a van or trailer? (van permit scheme)

Yes, but you will need to get a free permit from us before coming to the recycling centre. For more information about the van and trailer permit scheme download our van permit information and application (doc).


What materials can I recycle at the centres?

All items collected from your kerbside recycling box can be taken to a recycling centre, as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment.

What materials are not accepted at the centres?

  • boats in whole or part
  • clinical waste
  • commercial or trade waste, unless payment is made at the weighbridge in Weston-super-Mare
  • commercial vehicle tyres for vans, tractors or lorries
  • end of life vehicles, caravans or trailers in whole or part
  • explosives or ammunition
  • fire works and signal flares
  • loose or un-bagged soil or rubble
  • very large items of waste electrical equipment such as computer servers and air conditioning units

What materials are accepted in restricted quantities at the centres?

  • cement bonded asbestos and plasterboard: two sheets per visit or per week, whichever is less. This must be double wrapped in thick polythene sheeting and fully sealed with strong tape, or in thick plastic sacks in small pieces
  • car tyres: five per year
  • fire extinguisher: one domestic size per visit or per week, whichever is less
  • propane or butane gas 15KG bottles: one per visit or per week, whichever is less
  • soil, rubble, hardcore, small DIY waste (but not building renovation projects): six standard size refuse bags (not weighing more than 25kgs), which you can lift, per visit or per week, whichever is less

What are the addresses of the recycling centres?

  • Backwell, Coles Quarry, Church Town, Backwell BS48 3JF.
  • Portishead, Black Rock Quarry, Valley Road, Portishead BS20 8JY.
  • Weston-super-Mare, Aisecome Way, Weston-super-Mare BS22 8NA.

Why do you use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems at your sites?

We use ANPR to identify high users of the recycling centre to prevent abuse of the facility by unauthorised users, such as traders. As a resident, if you use the centre(s) frequently, you may be asked to fill out a declaration form to confirm that the waste is from your house, the attendant will ask you a few questions and record the information. There is no need to be concerned about this, we're just making sure that the facility is not abused.

I am a trader, where can I dispose of my waste?

Businesses can dispose of their waste at the Cory Environmental Transfer Station, Aisecome Way, Weston-super-Mare at a reduced rate. For more information contact the transfer station on 01934 419 447.

Can I take my waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to a recycling centre?

Yes. Small electrical items such as kettles, toasters, hairdryers, cameras and mobile phones can all be taken to our recycling centre. Some retailers also take old electrical items if you buy a new one from their store.

What is the WEEE directive and how can I find out more?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) came in to force in January 2007 and aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it. For more information visit the Environment Agency website.

Can I access the recycling centres on foot?

No. For safety reasons, it's not possible to visit the centres on foot. There are no designated footpaths around the sites so pedestrians would be at risk of injury.